Above and Beyond: Three Stories of Learning and Development

Above and Beyond. Three Stories of Learning and Development

It’s common across the tech industry to place a strong emphasis on learning and development throughout one’s career – but what exactly does that mean? The options are endless, and there are a wide variety of ways to stay sharp and advance your skills. These stories, from Titans across different teams, demonstrate just how varied the options are.

You’ll hear from Andranik, a Product Analytics manager, initiating his team to learn SQL; Vahan, a staff data scientist sharpening his ML skills at an ML boot camp in the UK; and Arsen, a staff engineer diving into Typescript. Insights from their most recent educational experiences may spark some ideas about how to practice career development by leveraging the company’s learning benefits, including the training and conference budget.

Product Analytics Team’s SQL Expedition

Our Product analytics team analyzes how users engage with our product. They track, visualize, and analyze user engagement and behavior data to use it for improving and optimizing our product. Andranik Voskanyan, Manager of Product Analytics, recently led his team through an enriching SQL (Structured Query Language) course – allowing more of the team to interact directly with product data.

Product Analytics

“We were facing challenges in extracting and processing data through the user interface. We needed to develop knowledge in writing queries using SQL,” Andranik says. Recognizing the need for deeper expertise, Andranik engaged with an SQL expert to craft a program tailored to their needs.

“The teacher would come to the office twice a week. The classes included mastering data manipulation, working with selection operators, and performing complex analyses,” Andranik shares, “The course wasn’t just theoretical; it included midterms, quizzes, and real-life situation analysis.”

At the end of the course, everyone had to pass an exam based on practical scenarios and write actual SQL queries. And guess what – every team member excelled in their exams! Knowledge gained in this training program is now an integral part of the team’s daily work, allowing them to perform complex data operations with ease.

Product Analytics

Vahan Arsenyan’s Journey at OxML

Machine learning is at the cutting edge of our technological advancements, so it’s no surprise that Vahan Arsenyan, a Staff Data Scientist at ServiceTitan, was looking to immerse himself in the latest industry trends and network with pioneers in the field. He did just that by taking a two-week trip to Oxford, U.K. in 2022.

Vahan Arsenyan

Oxford’s Machine Learning Summer School, OxML, offers specialized programs in machine learning that include MLx Fundamentals, MLx Representation Learning & Generative AI, and MLx Health & Bio. Vahan took his expertise to new heights at OxML 2022 – the event features top experts in the field and aims to provide advanced training in various areas of machine learning and deep learning.

At OxML, Vahan interacted with experts from prestigious organizations (such as DeepMind, OpenAI, and Huawei) and co-authored a research article.


“The experience broadened my perspective, especially in FinTech and Generative AI. It not only enhanced my expertise but also allowed me to bring fresh insights back to ServiceTitan,” Vahan says, “studying while working is a little difficult to combine when you need to focus on delivering results, and that’s why such educational opportunities and programs are very important. And the fact that we have a study leave, and we can subtract the days of participation from these days, is also something I appreciate at ServiceTitan.”

Vahan’s story emphasizes the need to remain current with business changes and the impact of networking on professional development.

Arsen Melikyan’s Continuous Quest for Knowledge

Arsen Melikyan, a Staff Software Engineer with us for over two years, has a constant appetite for learning. He has completed numerous courses, the latest being Professional TypeScript Training by Matt Pocock – a course on how to use TypeScript to level up your applications as a web developer. This training helped him develop technical skills and fill knowledge gaps through practical workshops.

“The training turned out to be very useful. I learned a lot of new things that I use every day at work,” Arsen reflects.

Arsen Melikyan

Arsen believes the company’s support in his learning journey sends a powerful message – it’s not just about the skills gained but also about the company valuing and encouraging employee development.

Continuous Learning and Development at ServiceTitan

These three stories are just examples of ways to practice Learning and Development at ServiceTitan, serving as a reminder that learning is a continuous process regardless of your level—whether you are a junior, senior, staff, or a manager.