Expand the Extraordinary

Achieve the Extraordinary is one of ServiceTitan’s core values - so, what do we mean when we say we want to expand it? Our Expand the Extraordinary campaign has three goals:

Campaign Goals

  • to expand the talent pool in Armenia

  • to expand career opportunities within ServiceTitan

  • to expand learning and development opportunities within the Armenian tech community

As a part of this campaign, we host events (live and virtual) that serve this goal, sometimes even requiring us to head to Europe.

Expand the extraordinary campaign launch

We kicked off our campaign in Yerevan, announcing our goals to expand tech talent in Armenia. We received an outpouring of support from the community and were thrilled with the diversity of people and organizations who are moved by this initiative.

The first Armenian-founded tech Unicorn

Berlin is the home of one of the largest expat communities of Armenian tech talent, and we were honored to network and learn with members of this community.

Back in March 2020, “Expand the Extraordinary” visited Berlin. What started as a discussion of ServiceTitan’s story and the future of Armenian tech turned into an inspiring night of networking and community-building with local tech talent.

There, we shared the opportunities we have here in Armenia for longterm learning as well as open jobs with high growth potential at ServiceTitan Armenia.

Zoom in on ServiceTitan

Our most recent event was a virtual one, allowing for participants from around the globe.

We receive questions frequently from prospective talent regarding our team structure and the benefits of working at ServiceTitan, so we decided to offer answers to these questions and go into detail about what life is like at ServiceTitan.

  • We gave a comprehensive overview of ServiceTitan, "Zooming in" on everything starting from what departments we have all the way to our employee benefits

  • We talked about our thriving tech scene and the transformed social life of modern Armenia

  • Last but not least, we expressed our utmost support to those who'd be willing to relocate to Armenia and the specifics of our relocation packages