Fast-track to unlimited career success

At ServiceTitan Armenia, we are driven by a common set of values that compel us to give our work all we've got; to change lives, to be a great team, and to achieve the extraordinary. ServiceTitan’s impressive growth is a reflection of the meaningful difference the product is making on the ground, and behind the company’s success is our talented team of unique individuals who all bring something fresh to the table.

We strive to make sure that the backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences of everyone we hire are considered and career growth opportunities are catered to each individual. We provide the opportunity for our team to work with world-class talent, design new products and features, and be a part of a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic working culture.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have built an all-around rock star team of over 1,800 Titans across the globe. We encourage our team to perform at their best and give them room to make a considerable impact every day by providing a premier experience to our customers.



We build for product excellence, focus on smart solutions through innovation and technology, have an amazing growth-oriented culture, and love to solve complex problems. We use the most modern tools on Microsoft .NET Core (C#) platform for backend and utilize React.js for frontend to build software that thousands of contractors are using on a daily basis.

Because ServiceTitan is growing rapidly, there are constantly projects the engineering team is working on in tandem. Not only are they working on existing products and maintaining them, but there is always a need to create new projects, design new highly scalable architectures, and find innovative ways to advance our technology.

ServiceTitan’s core application is monolithic, but we have applied industry best practices to work on breaking down the monolith application into microservices for better scalability. We have a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and we’re constantly thinking about how to improve those services and how to define the variety of system architecture. Also we are actively applying DevOps practices and leveraging CI/CD and a lot of internal build-in automation tools to boost efficiency of our teams.

We have implemented the InnerSource software development strategy which enables software developers to contribute to the efforts of other teams, fostering transparency and openness to contributions from others.

The engineering team is made up of:
The Product teams, which are working on building customer-facing products.
The Platform teams that provide common frameworks, libraries and automation tools for all other teams.
The ML/Big Data teams that implement machine learning and big data solutions.
The Infrastructure team which deals with our distributed and scalable systems in the cloud.

Core Technologies

C#, .NET Core, MS SQL, Azure, React, Cordova, Kotlin, Swift.

Product & UX

The Product organization (Product & UX) is responsible for driving new product features from concept to successful launch with testing ideas, validating problems and gaining deep insights in customer needs and problems.

Our product managers have the ability to independently drive large, cross-functional product initiatives, own the product vision and feature roadmap for ServiceTitan’s products, and act as a liaison across departments to identify product gaps, develop requirements, and communicate roadmaps.

Product managers are also responsible for developing the go-to-market strategy with product marketing and external partners, and measuring the success of the product, and continuously gathering feedback from users. They define key objectives and ensure KPIs are tracked for measuring success.

The design department includes the DesignOps team, who are hybrid designers and frontend developers and drive design decisions, the Product Design team, who balance research with prototyping, and the Service Design team, who perform most of the research we use to make strong product decisions and roadmapping.

Many times design decisions are made by stakeholders, but those decisions are still validated by the three sides of the product design trinity: business, technical, and UX.

The key objective of our design team is to have a shared understanding of the problem we're trying to solve. This involves dedicating time to research-based activities that can be performed by product managers, developers, designers and product marketers to legitimately validate the problems we’re trying to solve.

Support & Customer Success

Our customer support team is a team of product experts - they get the full picture of the product, and often get the chance to envision and identify creative solutions to unique workflow needs. They help advocate for customers and support their best interests, as well as provide immediate assistance to customers and staff that need help with the product.

We rely on industry standard support tools such as the Salesforce Support Console to efficiently handle customer cases and track personal performance, troubleshoot, and submit bugs to our developers while acting as the primary driver from bug ticket creation through resolution.

Our customer support team functions also as a way to generate valuable product feedback to improve ServiceTitan’s platform, and as a talent incubator - we love to identify talent early and encourage team members to grow within our company.

The team includes Customer Support Advocates (3 levels), Technical Specialists, Supervisors, Managers along with a Director and VP leading the organization chart.